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Valve announced regional tournaments

Valve has finally revealed details of their forward actions in Major cancellation issue. Professional players and fans of professional Dota 2 expect this decision till the end of the first season of the Dota Pro Circuit.

After the massive criticism, the company apologized to the community, players, and teams and provided information about an alternative solution to the Major.

Valve will hold six regional online tournaments for the top four teams from each region. The prize pool for each tournament will be $100,000, with the winner taking $50,000 and 250 DPC points. The second-place team will receive $25,000 and 130 DPC points. The third and fourth place teams will not receive DPC points but will share the remaining cash prize.

Regional online tournaments schedule

  • February 11-13: Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America
  • February 18-20: Eastern Europe, China, and North America

Immediately following the online tournaments, which will summarize the first DPC of the 2022 season, Valve will release patch 7.31.

The company has also provided new information about the selection format and the conduct of The International 11.

Valve has expanded the list of teams participating in The International 11. Now there will be 20 teams fighting for the main tournament of the year instead of 18 teams. Two additional slots  will be contested in a special Wild Card tournament on LAN format. The silver and bronze medalists of the closed qualifiers in each region will go to the Wild Card LAN tournament. There, 12 teams from six regions will compete for two slots at TI11.

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