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The Second Ranked Battles 2021–2022 Season Kicks Off!

Get ready to open a new chapter in your journey through one of the most competitive modes in World of Tanks, Commanders!

The second Season of Ranked Battles will kick off on January 10. As before, there will be 14 days of intense Tier X battles and a host of rewards for good performance in combat. Read up on all the latest changes for the upcoming Season!

Join the Race for the 114 SP2!
Let’s start off with the most tantalizing topic: the ultimate reward for all three Seasons of Ranked Battles 2021–2022!
This Season is your last chance to join the race for the 114 SP2, a new Tier X Chinese tank destroyer. It is equipped with a fully rotating turret mounted to the center of the hull, just like classic tanks. The 114 SP2 also features excellent dynamics and a sharp-shooting 152 mm gun with good depression/elevation angles (–7°/+20°). High accuracy and a short aiming time allow you to effectively hit opponents from a long distance. Watch this how-to-play video on how to make the most of the 114 SP2’s strengths.
The Brand-New Garmr 3D Style for the Kampfpanzer 50 t
Last but not least, we’ve also updated the list of exclusive Ranked Battles items available for bonds and added the brand-new Garmr 3D style for the Kampfpanzer 50 t. You’ll be able to redeem this amazing custom look when you reach the Second Division. This style looks as if it is composed of many granite shards, from under which bright flames shine through. It turns the Kampfpanzer 50 t into an even more formidable vehicle, as if rolled out of the mouth of a fire-breathing volcano.More details

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