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Join s1mple In Doing Your Part for Peace

The cruel Russian invasion of Ukraine has unsettled the worlds of millions of Ukrainians. It’s the classic case of the rich waging war, sitting in their offices, while the poor and the innocent die on the streets. It’s a barbaric war, steering us away from humanity every step of the way. 

Every bruise caused, every life stolen, every world torn apart is a blemish on mankind. 

But it’s a world, and war, of money. And for all of us who live miles away from the battlefield, there’s none, but a single way to lend our helping hand. It’s our chance to step up and make a difference by donating as much as we can. Shave a dollar off that coffee you buy, for every single cent counts. There are billions of us out here, and every euro or dollar we donate will be used to help save lives of millions of innocents feeling unsafe in their own dear homes. 

CS:GO phenom, s1mple, recently donated 1.5 million hryvnias to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That is roughly €44,000 or $50,000. He has done his part on behalf of thousands of us. Let us do ours, now. 

Let us do our part in restoring humanity. Let us do our part for peace.

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